In 1996, I got back into RC cars. A friend bought two 1:10 scale Tamiya F103 Ferrari 412 T1 RC kits. We built them as the 1994 Alesi and Berger cars.

Above – June 8, 2012 – That is my same Tamiya F103 F1 car from 1996 undergoing durability testing by grandson Luke. The car has proven to be very tough. More pictures HERE.

Above – May 28, 2012 – Back in 1996, my friend Scott bought each of us a second Tamiya F103 that we used for spare parts. I actually didn’t use much more than the tires as spares so, with an essentially complete car, and another grandchild lobbying for her own car, I built this second car. Many more pictures HERE and HERE. The paint scheme was inspired by Jimmy Murphy’s 1921 French Grand Prix winner shown below (it is white with very dark blue trim).

The number ’12’ graphics were done by Très Leonard of TnT-Fx Custom Graphics. Also, way back in July, 2009, Scott Van Aken sent me some ‘Rust.eze’ slot car decals (you did see the movie ‘Cars’, right?). I never got the slot car project going but when I saw the need for a primary sponsor on this car, the decals looked just right. Excellent job by both graphic suppliers!


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