My RC Cars

First One – 1:8 Scale Corvette

Tamiya Ferrari F1 Cars

Buggy for The Girls

RC Cars History

Overall RC Car History

Early Experimental Cars

1930s and 1940s – There were RC AIRPLANES back then, why can I not find any RC car history?

1954 Ford Industrial Arts Award RC Car Winner

1954 Howard G. McEntee Porsche 356 RC Car from his 1954 “Radio-Control Handbook”

1955 Ford Motor Company RC Car

1956 Ford Industrial Arts Award – Second RC Car Winner
Musciano Book Pg 156/7

Early 1960s Bill Johnson Experimental Car

1964 Rod & Custom Models Big “T”

1964 Dr. Hans Feldmann – An Early German RC Car Pioneer

1965 Charles Eckles Prototype Cars – Combine These

1965 “Bill Eccles” (Charles Eckles, actually) Prototype Cars – Combine These

1965 Howard G. McEntee RC Tonka Truck Conversion

1965 Norb Meyers Prototype Cars

1966 Spencer Murray MCS Project Cars

1977 Article in English mag may lead to earlier Tether/RC conversions

Early Commercial Cars

1965 German HEGI Porsche 904 GTS kit with electric drive and wooden chassis on a scale of 1:8

1966 Testors Mustang

1966 ElGi Ferrari 250 LM

1966 NAMCO Cars and Racing Series

1967 Imai Kagaku

1967 April Car Model Magazine – 1:24 Scale RC Car 

1967 July Car Model Magazine – RC Gas Propeller Cars

1967 Japanese Propo Steering  1:15 Electric Toyota

1967? 1:11 scale Nissan Silvia Need more info, anyone?

Background Historical Information

Magazine Articles About RC Cars 1964-1973

Midwest Series – First Regional Championship Series

Possible very early RC car information: Model Airplane News