Ford Falcon – Holman & Moody Challenger

Scatback Falcon

During the spring of 1963 the Falcon got its own fastback roofline, as the Falcon Futura became available as a two-door “hardtop-fastback” (actually called a “scatback”), making the 19’63 1/2 Futura the most desired Falcon ever. And finally, Ford added the 260ci two-barrel V-8 with 164 hp to the option list. The lightweight small-block V-8, introduced a year earlier in the Fairlane, was a logical upgrade for Falcon buyers seeking real power. With the V-8 came a new, downsized, removable-carrier 3.25:1 conventional rear end with an 8-inch ring gear. Brake size was also increased to 10 inches, which improved stopping considerably.


Another terrific midyear addition was the Falcon Sprint package for fastback-hardtops and convertibles, the result of research and development conducted by Holman-Moody on a ’1962 Falcon two-door sedan test mule, known as the Challenger. The Falcon Challenger was going to be built by Holman-Moody and marketed through Ford dealers, similar to the Shelby Mustang two years later. The Challenger had a stock 164-horse 260ci V-8, four-speed, 3.50:1 gears, handling package, larger tires and–would you believe–four-wheel Airheart disc brakes.

The Holman-Moody Falcon Challenger never saw production, but Ford decided to produce the in-house Falcon Sprint instead. Although it was a watered-down version of the Challenger, the Falcon Sprint turned out to be the sporty Falcon Ford’s product planners envisioned for the company’’s corporate image. Think of the Sprint as a Falcon Futura on steroids, with chassis stiffening, a firmer suspension, a sport steering wheel, a tachometer, a Borg-Warner T10 four-speed, wire-style wheel covers, and a glass-pack muffler to enhance the pulse from the 260 V-8.

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A notch back version of the Ford Falcon Challenger raced at the Sebring 12 hour race in 1962. The car was built in three weeks and driven by Marvin Panch and Jocko Maggiacomo. Finished 2nd in class and 36th overall. In your wildest dreams, could you ever imagine a Falcon leading a Ferrari GTO at Sebring? The Challenger I surprised many. It was proposed for entry in the 1962 Le Mans 24 hours but the entry was not accepted.



1939 Mercury

 Above – 1939 Mercury

 Above – 1939 Mercury – Restored

Above – 1939 Mercury – Unrestored

Above – 1939 Mercury

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