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The Reappearance

As previously noted, in February, 2010 the FTRR gradually disappeared. I am sure you will be glad to see that it has returned:

Above – 2010-03-15 – We wandered out to the backyard on the Ides of March and, to our great delight, there it was!

Above – 2010-03-15 – Although some green is still showing, and most of the mulch is still there, it is not quite as colorful as last summer. A little TLC and spring sun will get us back in business. There are rumors of some new buildings across from the station and in the park at the end of the road.

Above – 2010-03-15 – The farm and maintenance shed look good, but again, the grounds will need some work.

Above – 2010-03-15 – We’ll flip the concrete mushroom and it will magically become a birdbath.

Above – 2010-03-15 – A new covered bridge, church and school will be out here in the country.

Above – 2010-03-15 – The nails used in building the maintenance shed are showing rust – YES – natural weathering!

Above – 2010-03-15 – The stone foundation for the barn is losing a few pebbles, but generally holding up okay.

Above – 2010-03-16 – Time to clean the rails and take a run. Critter #2 is ready to haul the hoppers around for a test.

Above – 2010-03-16 – The high class electronic station is hooked up…..

Below – 2010-03-16 – The Really Amateur Video Productions team Presents:

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