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Spring Fun and Projects 

Now that the railroad is found, it is time to get some projects underway:

Above – 2010-03-31 – The projects begin with a real world need. The downspout extension ends just to the left of the “HERE” note and it was holding water too long after a rain.

Above – 2010-03-31 – The solution was to dig around the downspout extension and then to drill holes in the extension. A sump was dug around the end of the downspout extension and the sump filled with graduated rocks and gravel. In theory, this would drain the water more quickly into the gooey Indiana clay. In fact, it works!

Above – 2010-03-31 – This also presented the chance to put a dry wash in the layout in order to additionally direct water from foundation to the sump.

Above – 2010-03-31 – A closer view of the dry wash feed into the sump.

Above – 2010-04-01 – This covered bridge (Aristo-Craft 7101), a gift from club member Mike Smith, spans the dry wash.

Above – 2010-04-01 – The dry wash actually does help drain water away from the basement wall…..

….and looks pretty nice, too, if I do say so myself.

Above – 2010-04-01 – The big test, will it handle the FTRR’s finest?

Above – 2010-04-01 – The thundering FTRR 0-4-0 is just a blur as it bursts out of the west end of the bridge! Success!!

Below – 2010-04-01 – Sights and sounds of the test of a surprise electronic device and the covered bridge:


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