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A Major New Adventure – Scratchbuilding an Engine House !

When you have a new pin nailer, it is time to rip some wood and nail it together. If it ends up looking like a 1:24 scale engine house, so much the better:

Above – 2010-04-01 – The proposed layout – the mainline comes in from the right and curves up toward the top. The first switch brings equipment off the mainline to the engine house. The second switch provides access to either of the two doors of the engine house. Yes, it is all 24″ radius LGB track. That’s why I stick with 0-4-0 engines.

Above – 2010-04-01 – Looks feasible, I think I will put my 1959 drafting classes to work and maybe draw up some full scale, detailed plans. Nah…..

Above – 2010-04-01 – We got plans, now for some wood. My first lumber ripping session for a G Scale structure. It sure takes a lot of noise and sawdust to make a few sticks (but it sure is fun). Next time I will remember to close the garage door while I am ripping, however…..

Above – 2010-04-02 – Squaring up the first 30″ long wall. 

Above – 2010-04-02 And then start with the glue and nails.

Above – 2010-04-02 – Put in some spacers to keep the middle support in place and start nailing (and gluing) in the vertical boards.

Above – 2010-04-02 – The first 30 x 10 wall completed.

Above – 2010-04-02 – Inside..

Above – 2010-04-06 – Starting on the second 30 x 10 wall, showing how the vertical boards are kept vertical.

Above – 2010-04-06 – And by the way, here is that new Harbor Freight 23 gauge pin nailer. A fantastic tool for this kind of job.

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