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The Adventure Continues – Scratchbuilding an Engine House !

The Chief Gardener requested that the several pending buildings destined for the layout be put in place so that the plants could be more permanently located. It seemed like a reasonable request, so the scratch built engine house was put on hold in April and work was started on the new buildings. By October, I was back on the engine house project:

Above – 2010-10-22 – The walls, now with window openings, were tacked together for a test fitting in the proposed location. All those wires are supposed to lead into a control panel in the ceiling of the engine house. Wonder if that is a good idea?

Above – 2010-10-26 – Note on the far upper left (northwest) that the turnout, off the mainline and into the engine house leads, is part of a 24″ radius curve. Wonder if that is a good idea?

Above – 2010-10-28 – Making wooden doors would be the” right” thing to do, but making them scale thickness with scale windows is beyond my ability and patience. Engineer Casey and I decided on a Stoneworks #4207 laser cut plastic kit.

 Above – 2010-11-21 – Some test running indicated, as suspected above, that having the engine house lead come off of a 24″ radius curve was a bad plan. Major changes were made to move the engine house leads so that they diverged from a (north-south) straight. Also, the amount of wiring, and the number of electronic components, would not all fit into the engine house “attic” so an RBRBB will be added between the engine house and the back wall of our home in order to house the big electro-gizmos.

Above – 2010-12-13 – The walls were finally nailed and glued together and, since the cedar will sit directly on the patio, plastic square stock was glued to the bottom to protect it.

 Above – 2010-12-28 – Testing the revised setup. The engine house leads are now on a straight (north-south) track and there is room behind the engine house for the RBRBB. However that lead track into the engine house, the interchange track and the RBRBB siding looks a bit short….

Above – 2011-02-17 – After serious consideration, the turnout into the engine house was moved for the third (and, hopefully, final) time. This will give a longer lead track with a straight section for the uncoupler magnet.

Note: 2015-03-06 – So, four years have chugged on by and the engine house still looks the same as above. However, another new location is planned. It will be modified to fit in the in the new west end yard:




Below – 2015-03-06 – In the meantime, I have entertained myself by making, from my parts box, a ‘steampunk’ steam heater for the engine house. It will be used to hide the green wires shown above until the engine house shows up.

2015-03-06 010w

2015-03-06 015w

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