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Major Upgrades 

The Chief Gardener requested that the several pending buildings destined for the layout be put in place so that the plants could be more permanently located. It seemed like a reasonable request, so the scratch built engine house was put on hold and work was started on the new buildings. This, as is frequently the case, led to a number of other dependent projects:

  1. Lighting the existing buildings was always in the plan, so this seemed to be the obvious opportunity to light them along with the new ones.
  2. Since excavation would be required for those wires, it provided the opportunity to bury the wiring for electrical blocks on the siding.
  3. One siding didn't seem like enough, so we might as well add another siding while we are digging. Right?
  4. Of course, just a simple siding won't do, why don't we make it a reverse loop also? OK!
  5. Oh, and by the way, all these new blocks, sidings, reverse loop and switches require a new control panel, which will be put under a hinged roof in ….
  6. …..that huge engine house to be finished.
  7. Finally, at least for now, there are the details that need to be attended to, including:
  8. Install "terminal" buildings, to keep the wiring junctions above ground,
  9. level the sidings to be sure the boxcars don't roll away while being unloaded,
  10.  then, reballast it all.

Did I mention that al this was to be done at ground level by a guy with 71 year old joints? 

Whatever. Let's get going.

Above – 2010-05-14 – The first order of business is to determine where the new buildings will be placed. The Chief Gardener liked the idea of a church for the locals and she found this Korber resin kit at the local train shop. It is sized for a county-wide congregation, so the best location was out in the country.

Above – 2010-05-14 – The downtown is about to grow rapidly, including an entertainment center in the park.

Above – 2010-05-24 – As the new wiring project starts, the switches are also put into place at the northeast end to provide access for the scratchbuilt combination engine house and control panel.

Above – 2010-05-24 – Wiring to the new siding switch is laid out and existing track moved so the wiring trench can be dug.

Above – 2010-05-24 – The switch for the west end of the new reverse loop siding is put in place.

Above – 2010-05-27 – The trenches are dug and the wiring heads off in every direction.

Above – 2010-05-27 – The west end switch wiring required a ditch across the new dry wash.

Above – 2010-05-27 – Red and white wiring is power to the switches, green and black to the buildings and red and blue to the track.

Above – Wiring to the station and town, including provisions for a working semaphore and a future gas station.

Above – 2010-05-27 – The wiring bundle gets bigger and the tie wraps are put in place.

Above – 2010-05-27 – But at the control panel end, it will be a while before it is organized. Yuk….

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