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Major Upgrades – Part 2

The Chief Gardener’s request from the previous page continues.

Above – The new reverse loop siding is finished. Church and school foundations are in place.

Above – 2010-06-17 – The lead tracks to the engine house have been located.

Above – 2010-06-17 – Ballast (“crusher fines”) is put in place. Covering the track with ballast and sweeping off the excess – good plan. Covering the switches with ballast and trying to sweep off the excess – bad plan (duh).

Above – 2010-07-08 – The south loop of the crossover was insulated to allow switching the north sidings and the engine house. The insulating track connectors have no definite means to keep the rails on each side of the joint from touching. I used cut off ends from tie wraps to keep them apart. Also note that I have followed my earlier recommendation and replaced the over-the-joiner connectors with directly-clamped-on-the-track type. Because they represent a significant investment, they were not all replaced at once.

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