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Feeding the Bodies of the Little People

The Cafe

The Piko Pleasantown set of kits includes the “Saloon”, Piko Building Kit, PIKO-62218 shown on the left below:

Piko publicity photo.

With that nice big church in town, you didn’t really think Frankfort would have a Saloon, did you? Maybe a Cafe would be more appropriate.

Above – June 3, 2010 – The Chief Gardener decided that a yellow and maroon building was a bit garish and that a saloon didn’t really fit. The swinging door set was replaced by a Stoneworks #4484 Four-pane, double-hung window kit with drip ledge and a Stoneworks #4142 Two-lite, Etched Storefront Door Kit with Transom.

Above – July 3, 2010 – The foundation and wiring is in place for the new downtown. The cafe will be on the right.

Above – July 10, 2010 – The pieces were primed and the final colors chosen as shown below.

Above – August 1, 2010 – The shell was assembled, the curtains, printed from internet catalogs and cut by the Chief Gardener, were taped in place. Note that the Stoneworks door and window have been modified and shortened considerably. The upstairs front windowsfrom the structure kit have also been shortened. The Two Tons of Fun brothers heard it was going to be a cafe, so they showed up to be first in line.

Above – August 3, 2010 – Three LED’s were installed and wired, reflective tape installed and the front room partition put in place.

Above – August 13, 2010 – An awning was made from .015 styrene, trimmed, masked and painted. A Houseworks #H1114 1/2″ Door Knob and Key Plate has also been installed. The sign is a rough location test.

That front room looks blank……

……so, an appropriate scene was found on the internet.

Above – August 20, 2010 – The actual sign is tested for color. Note the “wet and dry sandpaper” roof and the oven vent cap made from an air cleaner out of a 1:25 scale Ford kit.

Above – September 29, 2010 – Cafe compared to the Saloon the kit was intended to build. The Cafe has been installed, lit, front room occupied; looks good to me!

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