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Feeding the Machines

The Gas Station

Taking care of the machines is part of everyday life in Frankfort, so a gas station to do that is in order. An early consideration was one that looked like this “Two Lane Blacktop” station:

Publicity photo.

August, 2011 – Well, not exactly the “Two Lane Blacktop” station, but, instead, using a Korber utility building resin kit with LGB gas pumps and a scratchbuilt sign works pretty well. Note, however, that the ’55 Chevy from the movie made the scene.

June, 2012 – Additional notes:

  • Actually the ’55 Chevy was originally in the “Two Lane Blacktop” movie but, the version in the scenes above, was rebuilt for the movie”American Graffiti”.
  • It was driven by “Bob Falfa” played by Harrison Ford in his first big role.
  • The green 1950 Chevy hardtop sitting at the gas pumps is somewhat like my first car. Mine, however, was a dark green over light green 1950 Chevy coupe.


Above is the gas station sign version that I would really like to do.




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