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Santa Train 2010

The big project for this year was replacing 400 fence boards, most of which had fallen off because I used a hot glue gun to attach them and put them too close together. The chief gardener used Titebond II glue and the air-powered pin nailer to attach them. She loved it!

Above – 2010-11-13 – Yes, we did get it running early this year. 

Above – 2010-11-13 – F. R. E. D. (the Flashing Rear Elf Device) is admiring the newly rebuilt fence.

Above – 2010-11-20 – An early mystery was frequent derailments of the Kalamazoo 0-4-0T.

Above – 2010-11-20 – After consultation with the designer of the locomotive, the problem was determined to be a steel tire that had moved in and narrowed the gauge enough that the wheels slipped off the rails. Spare parts from last year’s rebuild were used for a quick and effective repair.

Above – 2010-11-22 – The tunnel was made longer this year with the addition of the red “Christmas Present” box…

it keeps F. R. E. D. out of the weather when the train stops.

Above – 2010-12-01 – Look, real snow! Ho Ho Ho…..

And finally, click here to see it in motion:

Merry Christmas

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