December 25, 2013 – The Santa Train is back. It was just the front porch layout that was retired, the Santa Train got a new passenger car and moved to the back yard layout:

Above it thunders past Frankfort station on the way to deliver the toys to good little girls and boys.

Above – and then the Christmas parade.

Above – the Lionel handcars certainly add some color to an increasingly bleak landscape.

Above – night falls and the lights come on.

Above – then snow falls and the trains are back in the basement.

Above and below – more snow falls and nothing is showing except the lights still on!

When people ask if the track and buildings stay out all year they seem amazed when I tell them yes they do. I am even more proud of the fact that the lights have come on at dusk every night through rain and windstorms and 12″ of snow. If you do the wiring right……


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