Auburn Cord Duesenberg Weekend

A world of unusual sights

Above – September 4, 2005 – Lots to look at when you attend the ACD Meet and Auction. This beauty was in the car corral and was reduced from $18,500 to only $15,500….

….you certainly weren’t getting any billet at that price…..

….but you were getting some nice vintage speed goodies…

….and an interior with no rips or tears…..

….and a very original steering wheel.

Where do they find these things?


Above – September 4, 2005 – A 5 carb manifold for a small block Chevy, flanked by a 4 carb on the left and a wild two carb for a flathead on the right.

Above – September 4, 2005 – A LeSabre and Futura dream car pair in, I believe, 1:8 scale. About $2500 each.

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