Slot Cars 1:32 Scale – Back after almost 40 years! – 2001 to 2003

 Above – The first Scalextric Classic Track in the Christmas 2001 and 2002 basement rec room floor location. My grandson, our son-in-law and several friends put in a lot of laps here.

 Above – May 5, 2003 – The Classic track is off the floor and up on two interior 36″ x 80″ doors bought cheap from the Menard’s “scratch and dent” rack. They are mounted on top of a former dental office cabinet.


 Above – July 19, 2003 – The Scalextric Classic track has ended up at my grandson’s house so a new Scalextric Sport track followed me home and was installed on the scratch and dent doors. A masonite wall is installed to keep errant cars off of the floor. The backdrop was painted using some 20 year old spray paint and a “wooden” fence added by replicating some art found on the internet. In the activity above, the cars are placed at strategic locations to check for “tail out” clearance.


 Above – July 19, 2003 – Foam core board is laid over the doors and Woodland Scenics model railroad risers hot glued in place to raise the track for the overpass. The track is used as a template to determine the radii.


 Above – July 21, 2003 – The base foamcore is trimmed around the risers and the track support foamcore is added on top – wide enough for the track and for full inner and outer borders. In retrospect, a third riser support row up the middle would have been prudent. The track is too “springy” in the middle when rubbing the metal rails during cleaning.


 Above – July 23, 2003 – The overpass is complete. Another lesson learned is that the 2.25″ overpass clearance is not quite enough for the rear wings on the Carrera Classic NASCAR Superbirds and Daytonas:

 Above – July 23, 2003 – Time to test fit the track.

Above – August 14, 2003 – Another view of the departure incline. Scrap foam was used for the overpass support.


 Above – August 14, 2003 – The borders have been painted black and special ones cut out of black poster board for inside the number 4 radius turns.

 Above – August 16, 2003 – Foam core is cut to fill in around the track and bring the spectator areas up to the same level as the track.

 Above – November 21, 2003 – “Grass” is planted by covering the foam core with green contact paper.


 Above – December 8, 2003 – South End with the first of the spectator cars. Thelma and Louise are on the track for some hot laps until the officer in the police car spots them!

 Above – December 8, 2003 – North End with a Ferrari, an Avanti, an Aston-Martin and an XK-120 from the 1964 track!

 Above – December 8, 2003 – Pedestrian bridge is in, the starter is ready, bring on some competition and Let’s Race!!!


Above – December 9, 2003 -The folks in the Corvette Corral cheer the Le Mans team. Note the Scalextric electro-mechanical timing system.

In 2005 I undertook an upgrade of the control panel and the timing system. Click here.

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