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1:32 Scale – New Digs – Part 3 – 2007

We are in a new house and “Twin Doors Raceway” followed us here:

Above – 2007-02-09 – Under re-construction – same two scratch and dent doors, all new cabinet supports. The track plan will not change.

Above – 2007-02-09 – Using one of my all-time favorite tools, the hole saw, to make way for the revised wiring.

Above – 2007-02-10 – Moving the overpass into place and finding a new place for the computer.

Above – 2007-02-10 – Did I mention wiring?

Above – 2007-02-11 – The best part – test time!! Yes, the bridge clearance has been increased.

Above – 2007-02-11 – The grass is planted, the fences are up – we are running at “Twin Doors Raceway”!! The scenery is kept simple in deference to the two youngest grandchildren, b. 2004 and 2005. As they get less curious and more competitive, the trinkets will be reinstalled.

Update October 15, 2012

The little guys are growing up so I have been reinstalling the fiddly bits:

Above 3 pix – The spectator cars and people are back!

Above – Every track needs one of these! A modified Ninco 1959 Austin-Healey converted from a two passenger rally car to a club racer with the magnet removed. A car like this was my first sports car, bought in 1963.

And then – as my move to 100% 1:24 scale modeling progressed, I decided to convert the slot car table to be part of my 1:24 railroad with operating 1:24 cars. The Scalextric Sport track is sold and conversion plans are being made. It was a fantastic 16 years with over 150,000 laps turned racing friends, neighbors and grandkids!


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