David and Judy’s Senior Moment

The Build

Order Number DDGRX6, Museum Delivery
Sequence Number 026389
Wanna see the build sheet?

Above – Friday March 23, 2001 the body was painted and subassemblies were started

Build Date – March 26, 2001 – 
9:30 AM – When Judy and I arrived on the plant floor on Monday, we first spotted our Body/Frame hanging high above the assembly floor

Above – 10:15 AM – Our Body/Frame was at floor level and beginning to look like a Corvette

Above – Meanwhile the Powertrain crew was assembling the 6-speed and propshaft to the LS1

Above – 11:00 AM – We spotted the powertrain and chassis

Above – 11:15AM – We signed and dated the propshaft housing

Above – 11:20 AM – We signed and dated the floorpan

Above – 11:30 AM – Then watched the Body/Frame mated to the Powertrain

Above – 2:50 PM – I fired it up for the first time and got a Certificate

Above – 3:30 PM – I checked the codes then drove it off the line!!!

Above – 3:50 PM – I rode through the rolls test sequence up to 75 MPH!! –  – YES!!!! 

Above – And then the LOOOONG three week wait for it to go to Cave City Chevrolet for prep and back to the National Corvette Museum, across the street from the plant, for delivery.

Per our host Sonny Kilgo, 158 cars were completed March 26, 2001 and Sequence Number 405 was the last one off the line. Our car, Sequence Number 389 would therefore have been the 142nd car off line that day.


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