RCModels K & B Buggy

The Great Buggy Caper

Back in 1980 we bought a Radio Shack RC Buggy for our 10 year old daughter to use as Barbie transportation:


Yes, it was modified for Barbie, eventually. It was a tight fit.

It was great fun back then but, in the 21st century, it looks a bit dated:


It eventually suffered an electrical malady and was relegated to the “someday” closet.

‘Someday’ came 35 years later when the next generation was 10 years old. Tinkering with the old chassis in time for Christmas proved to be a lost cause, so a new chassis was bought to get the buggy running. It is a chassis from a Helion Verdikt Short Course Ready-To-Run Truck:

It even included the latest in Lithium Polymer battery technology and an explosion mitigation bag for use during charging! Hmmmm……..


With the roll cage and driver removed from the Verdict, it was an excellent fit under the Radio Shack buggy:


A few custom touches and ready to go!



IMG_7730w2  IMG_7725w2 

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