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Back in the ’60’s, when racing scale model cars was popular, I got very involved. With the resurgence in scale racing, I have jumped back in. The great part is enjoying slot cars with the next two generations of my family and with friends, old and new.

Since creating web sites is also a hobby, you can enjoy this site without banners, ads or pop-ups. There is a lot of info on some pages so you need a fast connection or some patience. I hope they are worth it! Enjoy!!

Slot Car Index

The Inventors Who Did Invent Model Racing Cars?

History My first time around

Corvettes The C5-R saga

Other Cars Not including the C5-R saga

My Track from the ’60’s

My Track from the 21st century – 2003 & 2004

My Track from the 21st century – 2005 Upgrades

My Track from the 21st century – 2007 Relocation & 2019 Farewell

Club Tracks

Setting a World Record

Odds & Ends


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