July 19
Sunday, 2020 Palmeter Vacation

First Sunrise

7:05 AM – Our first sunrise in the Smokies! A good start to the day – get settled in, enjoy the view and plan the coming events.

Where is the sky? Neh e is!

And where is Gatlinburg? Way down yonder……

Mountain Weather

6:23 PM – Summer in the Smokies – time to water all the growing things!

7:46 PM – Yep, it did get a bit windy, too. Cable came down and a tree was leaning on our power line; fortunately, help arrived quickly. It was interesting that sometimes they must back down our one lane, steep, twisty road with a trailer. “It’s not for the rookies”, commented the driver. 

Dinner on the Deck

8:09 PM – Caught one guy with his mouth full. We wondered how many cherry trees would result from all those cherry seeds that were shot over the deck rail into the wilds.

8:49 PM – After dinner, an amazing cloud show…

Looks like a volcano!

The grand finale, a rainbow!

8:55 PM – Enjoying the sunset on several levels. And so ends the first full day.

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