Corvette Based Show Cars

By: David Palmeter 

1954 Corvair – Motorama Show Car

Pictures of one of the two Indiana 1954 Corvair Replica projects


2008-06-29 – Note received after my 2008-06-22 visit and photo shoot of the Corvair with my 2001 Corvette:

Sent: Friday, June 27, 2008 3:02 PM
Subject: RE: 54 Corvair

.….you can post any of the pictures if you want.  I hope you were impressed with what you saw.  I pretty much have in my mind now I am going to make at least two myself and I know (the other person involved) is going to make one.  If you get bored you can always make one, too.  



2010-10-27 – Note was received with pictures but no comment:

2010-07-05 – Received note with pictures of almost complete car:

One of my favorite dream cars ever, looks good to me…..

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