Corvette Based Show Car

By: David Palmeter 

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More information on the Corvette-based 1954 Corvair:

Above - Happy mannequins go outside to look at the repainted ("Seafoam Green") Corvair, decide to deal a game of two-handed pinochle on the hood.

Above - Boy mannequin gets happier when he gets to fondle girl mannequin.

Above - The Corvair is the one with the more rounded front.

Above - Mannequins are particularly intrigued with the body colored fairings that lead to the hood vents

Above - Still can't get much detail showing the actual vent material

Above - "Miss Belt Buckle 1954" messes up an otherwise very useful direct side shot

Above - Photog lost unique roof line by shooting a light-colored car against an overcast sky but digital magic brings it back 47 years later

Above - Mustang?

Above - Miss Belt Buckle
gets big chuckle
over strange shape of exhaust pipes

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