Alaska – 2014-07-19b

A Terrific View of Denali

IMG_2969w IMG_2970w IMG_2985wIMG_2997w

Above – Denali, the mountain, the peak is in the clouds. At 20,000 feet, that happens. A note about the name, Denali. It means “The Great One” and it was the name given to the mountain by the Alaska natives living around the mountain. A politically inspired event had it named ‘Mount McKinley’ in 1897. The Alaskans have tried to get it changed back to Denali ever since, but the Ohio Congressional delegation has continually blocked it; apparently they are proud of President McKinley, for reasons not totally apparent to historically astute non-Buckeyes.


Above – The ‘exploding propeller’ is an iPhone illusion fortunately. This is a picture of the 14,200 foot base camp from which climbers launch. The climbing season is nominally April 1 to August 1. This year the climbs were ended by the time we were there in mid-July. Shucks!

IMG_2999w IMG_3002w IMG_3006w

Above – Is he going to fly us through that notch?


Above – Yep!


Above – Clear on the left…..


Above – Clear on the right, I think…..


Above – The precision of the ice and rock movements is endlessly fascinating. The one above is like this for miles.


Above – Others, like the one above, have more of a ‘teenager’s bedroom’ look.

IMG_3030w IMG_3037w IMG_3047w

Above – Glaciers of every kind, I never get tired of looking at them. Even with all the glaciers grinding down the mountains, this 600 mile long Alaska range is being pushed higher every year by the convergence of the North American and Pacific Plates. If you want to climb Denali, better hurry and make your plans, it gets about a millimeter higher each year!

IMG_3048w IMG_3050w IMG_3057w

Above – What? Me worry? We made it through the notch didn’t we, and we didn’t land on a glacier, we’ll leave that to the helicopters.


Above – Well, imagine that, I found another train, the one we will take to Anchorage in a couple of days.

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