Alaska – 2014-07-23b

And all too soon, it was over. The final tour of Anchorage brings a last chance to shoot lot’s o’ chocolate, one more giant bear and a few train pix.


Above – Judy did some shopping in the very Ulu factory where these traditional Alaskan knives are made.

Below – Meanwhile, I heard a diesel train and like any well drilled railfan, I was off to watch a passing hopper train (gravel, coal, couldn’t tell) with 4014 on the point, and 4011 pushing.

IMG_3659wIMG_3667w IMG_3669w IMG_3670w


Above – After the hopper train, I spotted some tank cars on a siding.


Above and Below – And then, amazingly, a tourister string of passenger cars owned by Princess Rail Services appeared. Yep, their own train, pulled by Alaska Railroad locomotives. Didn’t know Princess was in that business, do now. Plus, they own hotels, too. They seemed to travel in giant mobs – I enjoyed our tour a lot more.

IMG_3678w IMG_3680w IMG_3684w IMG_3690w

Above – Some locals enjoying the sun and trying to take a salmon home for supper.


Above – The Anchorage skyline.


Above – A container handling facility at Anchorage. Much of what Alaskans have comes by ships, this is big business.


Smart Phone Users – If the picture below is rotated and distorted, click HERE for a low res but correctly oriented version.


Above – An inevitable ending to an outstanding journey! Great tour, great people and a state like no other. Highly recommended!

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