American Graffiti in 1:25 (& 1:24) Scale
The Cars

1932 Ford 5-Window Hot Rod – Milner

I have two Revell 1:25 Revell Milner cars, one that I built from the simple, pre-painted diecast kit and a finished diecast purchased recently to get the included Milner figure ($$$$)

I may convert one to full mag steer operation…

Overall it is a decent representation of the Milner car. I may do some detail work eventually.

1951 Mercury Custom – Pharaohs (in my opinion, one of the ugliest lead sleds ever….)

Front of actual movie car – grille bar is said to be a 1970 Camaro front bumper.

Restored car – the bumpers are based on stock 1951 Mercury with the over riders removed.

December 23, 2013

I bought a 1951 Mercury Chopped resin from Steve Kohler:

With a little work on the B pillar and the rear window opening, plus removing some trim and bumper guards, this will do just fine!

1955 Chevrolet 150 Sedan – Falfa

I have a diecast Revell 1:25 that I bought finished which is a good representation and also got me the Falfa driver figure:

  • I have already done a black wash on the grille.
  • It needs a front license plate.
  • The windshield, rear quarter and rear window trim need chrome foil (or flat black paint?)

1958 Chevrolet Impala Hardtop Custom – Steve

Movie scenes with Toad and Debbie above.

The AMT 1:25 1958 Chevrolet Impala plastic kit is widely available but I don’t want opening doors, my original build in the day (above) didn’t, but the kit below shows opening doors:

Do any of the AMT kits below have bodies without opening doors?

There is also a newer tool Revell 1:25 plastic 1958 Impala kit that apparently has an opening hood and trunk:

  • AMT or Revell, which is the better kit?

  • Also, where is the best place to get six 1959 Cadillac tail lights?

  • ….and the chrome reversed rims?

1956 Thunderbird – Blonde

Below is the actual car in the movie:

I have diecast Revell 1:25 bought finished in order to get the included car hop figure. The car looks good, I have done a black wash on the grille. It needs a front license plate, narrower whitewalls and an outside rearview mirror.

1958 Edsel Corsair 4-door – Laurie

Movie cruising:

AMT has a 1:25 plastic kit (2dr HT) in several versions or…..

….an AMT Masterpiece Classics already in the correct colors. Scored one in June, 2009 at retail from Model Express, they had them in stock. I may try to get the skirts and continental kit off without a repaint.

Also, Modelhaus Resin has a 1958 Pacer 2-door HT and a 1959 Citation 2-door HT (Better roofline?)

1959 – 1960 Corvette – At Mel’s

I may do this car since it is in my favorite Corvette colors of white with blue racing stripes. The black vinyl hardtop will be left at home on the cruise night that I depict, however. I will use the Revell/Monogram 1959 kit with a 1960 transkit, if needed.

1961 Ford Galaxie – Police Car

Originally, I assumed the AG Police car was a typical police-type 1961 Ford Fairlane 4-door, which is listed by R & R in resin. As I did more research, I realized that the movie Police car is an unusually modified 1961 Ford Galaxie 4-door. 

It has the unique Galaxie C-pillar including trim and seems to have all the appropriate Galaxie name badges as well as the trim piece between the tail lights. It does not have the typical Galaxie side trim and piece behind the rear wheel well. I assume the movie guys modified the car.

There is an R&R 1:25 (or Hubley 1:24 copy?) resin kit Fairlane 4dr listed occasionally, but it is apparently wrong.

The best alternative seems to be the 1:25 AMT 1961 Ford Galaxie 2-door hardtop that has been released several times as a Styline kit and as a promo. I have the promo version:

Removal of side trim, a second door cut in, a B-pillar, roof lights, siren, decals, paint and proper wheels would move it closer to movie specs.

1967 Citroen 2CV AZA – Curt

The movie was set in 1962, so Curt was living in the future with his wrinkled 1967 2 CV.

“The 2CV underwent its first major facelift in 1960, with the introduction of a new front grille (with five bars). The heavily ribbed bonnet was now replaced by a smoother affair with only five ribbing lines and the side louvers disappeared in favor of a steam-lined air intake. The 375cc engine was at last discontinued in 1961. The only major changes that occurred during the 1960s were the addition of a third side window at the rear and another minor grille change, when the chevrons were moved up to the bonnet.”

Either of these would apparently be close:
Heller 1:24 plastic kit
New Tamiya 1:24 plastic kit

1959 Piaggio Vespa GS 160 2a serie – Toad

Have Campus Friends w/Vespa 1:24. Looks close enough….



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2 Responses to AmGrafPg02

  1. fu says:

    Hands down the Revell 1958 Impala is better. Modern tooling with way sharper details, nice platform style interior, and no fiddly opening doors that need to be glued shut anyway.

    For Cadillac tail lights, if you do not want to raid them from the Revell 1959 Eldorado, I think Replicas and Miniatures Company of Maryland casts them in resin. Chrome reverse wheels can be found in Revell 1949 Mercury, or AMT ala Kart.

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