American Graffiti in 1:25 (& 1:24) Scale

The People

The Blonde in the T-Bird


Above - Maybe, if she ever got out of the car (but definitely not Suzanne Somers - actually she is Felicity Shagwell (Heather Graham) from an Austin Powers movie. The figure was included in a 1967 Corvette kit).

Bob Falfa

Above - Came with the car, done deal.

The Car Hop


Above - The Car Hop - It would be good to have two or three in different poses. Jimmy Flintstone has one in his line.


Above - The correct 1:25 Car Hop figure - Included with the Revell 1:25 diecast T-Bird. Missed it in the day, paid a premium recently.


Above - The movie Cops


Above - The approximately 1:25 scale Cop figure - This is a Woodland Scenics garden scale "Barney-esque" figure. Needs new clothes (paint).



Above - The real Curt. Haven't found a good replica, yet.



Above - Got Debbie at retail in the day - done. Revell included some of the 1:25 AG figures in the 1:25 diecast and some, like Debbie, were only available with 1:64 cars.

John Milner

Above - Got John recently with the second deuce. Paid too much.



Above - With a shorter hairdo, this figure from the Tamiya "Campus Friends" kit can be Laurie.



Above - This campus friend will make a good Steve.


Above - The movie Toad.


Above - The 1:25 Toad figure - Another score in the day, got it at retail.

Wolfman Jack

Above - The Wolfman - I hope to have this studio down the street from Mel's. Also need to find a source for Wolfman chatter so I can add it through the module's sound system.


Above - The 1:25 Wolfman figure - The last in the series, another score at retail.

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  1. William Boyden says:

    Wolfman chatter in the soundtrack album. Had worn out two cassette tapes. Bought tha two record lp on eBay for real cheap – in good condition!

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