C5-R and C6.R History

By: David Palmeter 

C5-R - Chassis C5R-012

Serial Number C5R-012 (C6R-012?)
2004 Testing Season

  • Road America, 012 - New body (see pics below), modified C5-R chassis, 427 engine per Gary Claudio - August 28, 2004 - At a seminar at "Corvettes at Carlisle"

Above - 2004-08-24 - Road America - A first peek in the test team's tent. This is assumed to be C5R-012 with C6.R body work.

Above - 2004-08-24 - Road America - Photoshop look at the photo above.

Above - 2004-09-04 - Road America - On the track - these were the first known pictures of the entire C6.R body but were kept quiet for a long time. 

Above - 2004-09-04 - Road America - Still early enough to be the C5R-012 chassis.

Although the extent of the test life of C5R-012 can not be verified, some of its show life was personally documented HERE. Some big surprises are included, also.

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