Corvette C5 Racing History
David Palmeter

C5-R – Chassis C5R-002

C5R-002 Chassis Serial Number Plate

This is the Chassis Serial Number Plate for C5R-002 as photographed at Pratt & Miller on September 14, 2001. Note the “Manufacture Date” of November 20, 1998.

2000-12-15 SuperSportsCarWorld.com
Interview with Bill Riley
Riley & Scott In Other Series?

“Pratt and Miller still run the Corvette program. In 1999, we had a team sitting here with nothing to do and Pratt and Miller were really busy, so we ran one Corvette and they ran the other. We ran the Daytona 24 hour, Sebring and Petit Le Mans. Now Pratt and Miller runs the whole team. My father had been partners with Gary Pratt at a company in Detroit called Protofab. That is where we built quite a few Trans Am cars. We get along very well with them.”

C5R-002 is the car Riley and Scott ran.

Above and below – The actual car at the 1999 Daytona 24hr.

Above and below – Close-ups of the R&S logo on a diecast model of the #4 1999 Daytona car.

Photo Shoot from “Racer Magazine” August, 1999 Issue

This is Chassis Number C5R-002 with the Sebring 1999 hood and most of the Sebring graphics. It does, however, still have the “Daytona 1999 only front whiskers or smile” in black paint on the nose. The photo shoot probably took place in early March, 1999.

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