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C6 – Corvette Generation Six

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C6 Corvette Speculation – First Possible Spy Pics

 Z06 Forum 8-3-02 – Corvette or Cadillac XLR?

 Z06 Forum 8-3-02 – Seems to have a different hood slope than the Cadillac XLR

 C6 Corvette Speculation – Plant Spy Pics

 CorvetteForum 4-7-03 – A coupe with an unusual B-pillar and rear window – features that do not look like a C-5. Photo shot at the Bowling Green plant 4-4-03 by Bob “Smith”.

Corvette Forum 4-7-03 –
A convertible with a very low top and wheels that do not look like a C-5. Photo shot at the Bowling Green plant 4-4-03 by Bob “Smith”. 

Corvette Forum 4-7-03 – Two  Cadillac XLRs and the JD Powers Gold C-5. Photo shot at the Bowling Green plant 4-4-03 by Bob “Smith”.

Above 04-23-03 – The pic above was launched by with a lot of fanfare as an inadvertent revelation of the C6 (hood open, front covered in the background). The level of creative interpolation exercised by the cybercommunity was phenomenal.



With the AutoWeek Online launch on April 28, 2003 and the arrival of the print AutoWeek on May 1, 2003 with the Jim Dunne spy pix we finally have something real to end some speculation (and to begin some more). Four Second Generation (Beta?) C6 test cars were caught sitting at a traffic light in the Detroit area.


 Above online – Test Car 1


 Above online – Test Car 1


 Above print – Test Car 1


 Above on line – Test Car 2


 Above print – Test Car 2


 Above print – Test Car 2


 Above print – Test Car 2


 Above online – Test Car 3


 Above online – Test Car 4


 Above print cover – Test Car 4?


 Above online edit – Longitudinal exhaust and low mounted back up lights.


 Above on line edit – Wheel detail

Auto Spies

On May 2, 2003 Auto Spies showed some C6 Test Cars doing some cold weather testing. They gave us our first good  look at the front fender shape.




 Above – You can learn a lot on a sunny day!

LS1 Forum

On May 16 and 17, 2003, L. M. Daughtery and H. B. Wells, members of the LS1 Forum, spotted and photographed two C6 test cars at a motel parking lot in New Mexico:



Above – a first good look at the hood – no more C5 “double-bubble”? The roof is still disguised apparently.


  Above Left – Another look at the wheels. Right – Top of fender fuel filler door or test equipment? There also appears to be a round fuel filler door outline in the C5 location just behind the door on the side of the fender.

Douglas Hornok

Above 06-13-03 – Douglas Hornok posted on the CorvetteForum some pix of C6 test car #34 he shot while driving to work on I-696 in the Warren, Michigan (Detroit) area near the GM Tech Center.

First Official, Published GM C6 Photo

Above August 7, 2003 – Not actually a spy photo since it was shown by GM North America president Gary Cowger in a speech at GM Management Briefing Seminars in Traverse City, Michigan.

Matt – A Michigan Jeeper

Above August 26, 2003 – Matt, a  Michigan Jeeper on his way home from playing in the mud with a friend took these pictures of two C6 prototypes just north of Flint on southbound I-75.

Above August 26, 2003 – First good look at the rear deck of a C6 convertible – glad Matt was up high in his Jeep but sure wish he would clean his mirrors before he hits the highway!

 Above August 26, 2003 – Nice shot of the coupe rear deck also.

Above August 26, 2003 – A brightness edit of the wheel detail

Above August 26, 2003 – Good hood shot.

Above August 26, 2003 – Good interior shot!

Above August 26, 2003 – Okay, let’s bang this baby into 3rd and rotate the earth!!


Above and Below – From the “But Wait There’s More” section of AutoWeek September 8, 2003. This is a blowup of a single cutesy photo with the car above photographed directly and the one below in the rear view mirror. Shot by world famous spy photographer Lilly von Schtup.

A. Alberts

Above four pix – Sept 19, 2003 – These pix of test cars Number 2 and 08 showed up on Corvette Forum without much fanfare or explanation. 

Above – Sept 22, 2003 – First interior look from A. Alberts!

Above – Sept 22, 2003 – I lightened it up a little.

  Above – Sept 22, 2003 – Another great pic from A. Alberts – a C5 and a C6 together!

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