David and Judy’s Senior Moment

We own a Corvette! Now what?

The first year – 2001 Activities

Drive, clean, drive, clean, drive, drive, drive, clean

An interesting activity not long after we got home was a trip down to the selling dealer, Kelley Chevrolet here in Fort Wayne, to show them the car they sold and have the “Official Delivery Photo” taken by super salesman Tom Wagner. (Because we took delivery of the car at the National Corvette Museum, the selling dealer had not yet seen the car.)

The first show and shine and tell – the Fort Wayne Corvette Club made it possible on the 28th of April. 

Since then we have had two “Mystery Cruises” with the local club, one to a dinner boat on Lake Wawasee and one to Roanke, Indiana via some scenic roads. 

We also did a car show with several car clubs in beautiful Leo, Indiana.

A FUN TRIP WITH SOME SERIOUS DRIVING – June 22, 2001 to June 26, 2001

Judy and I took a 4 day, 710 mile trip to Lexington, KY in the ’01 – our first overnighter since bringing the car home from Bowling Green. I planned a trip that kept us off of Interstate highways for all but 30 miles.

We went down US 27 from Fort Wayne. US 27 is straight but has lots of little towns for variety and provides the opportunity for frequent runs through the gears. When we got to southern Indiana we took scenic routes 56 and 156 along the river on the Indiana side and 42 and 127 in Kentucky down to US 60 and to Lexington. Lots of great scenery and lots of gear changes.

Our friends in Lexington (Nicholasville) took us on several trips through the horse farm country on the southwest side. Our final day was a 100-mile caravan with the Corvette, a BMW M-Roadster and a late model Lotus Elan. We were on just about every “Mill” road and lane in Jessamine and surrounding counties – which meant continual braking, shifting (my heel and toe technique is much better now) and blasts of acceleration. The top was off and the sun was shining!!

For our trip home, we took a route our friends recommended – US 60 to US 421 to Madison, IN. North of Madison we dove off on IN 62 to head for Centerville so Judy could do some antiquing. The 421/62 combination was an incredible stretch of twisting, up and down roads. If you EVER get a chance to take that route – DO IT!! It is a driver’s paradise!!

We ended the trip with a stop in Decatur, IN at Arnold’s Drive In for burgers and root beer delivered by a car hop on roller skates.

A new Corvette and retirement – what a great life!!!

A new Corvette Museum in Fort Wayne?!?! Let’s go! The first trip to see it was in June with the Indiana Chapter of the National Corvette Restorer’s Society.

The second trip was with the Fort Wayne Corvette Club in July, 2001

For more details and a mystery uncovered click here.

Corvette Parade at Mid-Ohio Race Track August, 2001 – On Friday the 24th we got a 2 lap run on the same track that the American Le Mans Series racers did on Sunday. The ALMS cars were, reportedly, faster. We are second in line above. The yellow convert had a great sound and heavy foot – FUN, FUN, FUN!!!

Above –
September 20, 2001 – The International Truck and Engine Corp’s Engineering Center lets retirees return for show and tell. 

Above – Late September and Early October, 2001 – A fantastic drive thru New England’s foliage season – 12 days, 2832.7 miles! For many more details click here.

Above – New England bugs. Ya drive the car – ya hit some bugs. They all washed off (or as some fellow Hoosiers say – they all warshed off.)

Above – November, 2001 – The weather was still great so we headed for the hills of Eastern Kentucky to visit family  – 6 days, 912.2 miles!

Above – Kentucky-born and Kentucky-bred horsepower of both kinds!

Happy Holidays!!!

Above – A record 67 degrees on December 5th. What shall I do?? I know – a Corvette run and photo session!! The Corvette is never “put away for the winter”.


Above – Finished 2001 with a trip out on December 30!

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