Interesting Cars

At least they are interesting in David Palmeter’s Opinioncool

Above – ’55 Chevy from the movie “Two Lane Blacktop”

Above – Scene from the movie “Two Lane Blacktop” – Laurie Bird, James Taylor, Dennis Wilson

Above – Dennis Wilson as “Mechanic” in “Two Lane Blacktop” (April 17, 2005 – thanks, Dana)

Above – The “Two Lane Blacktop” ’55 Chevrolets were remade for use in the movie “American Graffiti”.

Above –
Morning warm-up, Le-Mans 1999.  Approaching Mulsanne, Mark Webber’s CLR takes flight.  There were three flying Mercedes at Le Mans in 1999. Mark Webber had two incidents – one in Thursday evening practice and the one shown above.

Above – 12-13-2002 – From Automobile Quarterly Volume 41 Number 1

Above – 12-13-02 – From “GM – The First 75 Years of Transportation Products” Page141

Above – Feb 4, 2005 – I have been accused of some bias against Ford products. I proudly present the above to show that I am willing to include Fords here.

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