David and Judy’s Senior Moment

Let’s Change Something

WOW! The first modification arrived Monday April 2, 2001.

Above –
Export tail lights with amber turn signals

Above –
I just need to get in under the instrument panel to clip that pesky white wire

Above –

Above – April 27, 2001 – I installed them. My major lesson learned is the need for two people. It is possible to do it alone but it takes longer. (Wife – “What have you done to our brand new car!!??)

Above – Finished and THEY WORK!

Other big changes:
 – black floor mats for everyday – keep the red ones for show!

Above about July, 2002 – Added American Custom Industries inserts inside the crooked lower butt slats to make the bottom straight. Compare the bottom white edges, particularly the left side, to the pic above this one.

And now – at long last – 

Above – April 11, 2003 – Red, White and Blue!!

Above – April 11, 2003 –
An excellent job by Bordner’s Graphics in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Above – Some further, temporary enhancements for parade duty.

Above – 2003-04-11 – Now you see the body side moldings….

Above – 2004-07 – … you don’t.

Above – 2006-08-23 – Now you see a rear deck emblem….

Above – 2006-08-24 – … you don’t.

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