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1:32 Scale Conversion Project – Indy Cars

Above12-17-02   Left to right – a Scalextric CART Indy car, a resin IRL G-Force body (as purchased) and a G-Force that I converted to a Dallara. This was before we knew that Scalextric was going to release a Dallara IRL car.

 Above 12-18-02  The G-Force (white) and the Dallara in the paint booth.

 Above 12-22-02  The G-Force painted, decaled and clear coated in a custom scheme featuring USA racing colors.

 Above 12-22-02  The Dallara after trim, before clear coat. The decals were from various sports car sets.

 Above 12-23-02  The Dallara finished and ready to put in Santa’s sack!

 Above 12-23-02  The G-Force is finished, too. Two Duracell cars provided the chassis’. The front wheels are Fly.

1:32 Scale Conversion Project – Lawyer Car 

Above 2005 – Cartrix BMW Z-3  CX0102G cabrio with BWA wheels and inserts. It got Slot It rear axle and 9/30 gears, also.

Above 2005 – Cartrix BMW Z-3  – My son-in-law driving to work

Above 2005 – Cartrix BMW Z-3  – A proper plate

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