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Corvette 1:32 Scale

Above – Fly Corvette C5-R in 5 Versions – these are the cars that got me back into slot racing – 36 years later!

Above – Fly C5-R – Modification of the #2 car shown in the top photo. It is an interpretation of the Atlanta 2001 salute to some of the heroes of 9-11-01, done before Fly released the Petit LeMans version.

Some of the cars have lights. The light circuit includes a capacitor to allow the lights to stay on a few seconds after the power is off:

Above – Night running – they really can be run in the dark.

Above – Into turn 3

Above – Fly E121 – A special C5-R in the late 1999 SEMA and early 2000 Sebring test livery. The car was offered as a promotional through a Spanish magazine and a few imported to the US

Above – Fly PA5 – A special C5-R in the 2001 livery of a Spanish GT series. The car was offered as one of a series of 6 various marques that ran the Spanish GT series. It is a limited production car.

Above – The Corvette C5-R slot car fleet continues to grow! May 2, 2002

Above – A
private C5 entered at Daytona 2000. Released June, 2002.

Above – Fly PA5 (Second release) – The same livery as above but with correct 5-spoke wheels. Released July, 2002.

Above – Fly A128 – The 2002 version of the above Spanish GT car. Also released July, 2002.

Above – Fly Corvette C5R E122 Limited Edition, Germany.  It is a model of the #20 car driven by Anna Petri for H&T Racing. Released July, 2002.

Above – Fly Corvette E561 with two ladies out for a spin released November, 2003
Fly Corvette A583L LeMans Pace Car 1999, with working roof and rear lights, released February, 2004

Above – Different cats! Amazing – they apparently retooled the pace car catalytic converters (left above) for more ground clearance after complaints that the ladies (right) were dragging their bottoms!

Above – Corvettes at LeMans 2003 – A dream set! Left and right – Fly Team06 – The Corvette C5-R team cars #50 and #53 in their one race only red, white and blue livery. In the center Fly A582 – The 2003 Corvette Course Director car. Released November, 2003

Above – 2005-11-08 – Every car in the two views above is a Corvette C-5 or C5-R. This collection has grown to 35 cars. Most, but not all, are "shelf queens" (never been raced).

Above – 2007-02-13 – Another view of the C5 and C5R collection in the new digs. Can you name them all?

Above – 2007-02-25 – A Carrera C6.R landed in the collection late in 2006. As a matter fact there are two, one in 1:32  and one in 1:24 scale.

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