We didn’t do the usual cruise to get to Alaska, but we are making up for it, another boat cruise in Fairbanks. And how about the U. of Alaska museum with a BIG chunk of gold?


Above – …and another big fuzzy bear. An advantage of this type encounter is not being sized up as a meal possibility.


Above – How would I look in a native Alaskan heavy fur jacket?


Above – A multi-million dollar display. It is mostly pure 24k gold.


Above – That big chunk is 13.5 ounces of pure gold. That could certainly turn on a gold rush when the word got out!


Above – Up the lazy river on a paddle-wheeler.


Above – A good sized boat…


Above – A ‘two landing, two takeoff’ demo by a float plane pilot. He was good.


Above – Amazing, just as we came into view, these reindeer (domesticated caribou) showed up. They left when we left.


Above – We stopped at native Alaskan (don’t call them ‘Eskimos’) village and these young natives told us about life in the old villages. The structure on the right is called a ‘cache’ and is built to keep large furry animals from raiding the food and fur supply.


Above – Some incredible furs!


Above – She said that with snowshoes, the natives could outrun some game in deep snow!


Above – Fine handwork on a native dress.

IMG_2871w  IMG_2870w
Above – This fantastic coat was made in recent times exactly the way they did through the generations.

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Alaska – 2014-07-18 — 1 Comment

  1. What a great place to visit! Your grouping of pictures in this set looks very familiar to us as we made this same river trip. The pontoon plane take-off and landing, the native village – this trip made for a great day. (Also saw a dog-sled mushing demo on this trip.) Hope you enjoyed several salmon dinners as well – if you like salmon. Thanks for sharing. – Bud

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