Some sights along the river.


Above – For the most part, it seems that Alaskans aren’t inclined to spend money on architects. However, this very nicely done riverfront home is clearly an exception to that observation.


Above – This is what a lot of Alaskan architecture looks like, both private and commercial. I assume they keep it simple because of the high cost of bringing in many of the materials.


Above – These toys were part of a very nice estate.


Above – Of course, they do have logs and a lot of buildings are like this one being built.


Above – The log cabin structure is apparently durable. The one above is said to be one of the oldest log cabins in the area.


Above – We got back to the boat dock and what did we find? A gift shop! While Judy was shopping, I went into a freezer to get my picture taken at -40F. Didn’t stay long….


Above – We headed for Pioneer Village for a Salmon bake with Alaskan King Crab legs and lots of other good things to eat. The entrance was through a gold mine, and included this gold mining cart. I could find no leftover gold dust, it had been picked cleaned.


Above – After the Salmon and crab leg dinner, off to Pioneer Village. This relic steam shovel intrigued me…..


Above – ….particularly after I read this sign.

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