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C2 Prototype

We will never know what all the Corvette prototypes looked like, since they were frequently built and rebuilt into several configurations then destroyed. The one shown below is a very rare example of one that, to my knowledge, was never seen by the public until it appeared in Jerry Burton's excellent book "Zora" published in 2002 by Bentley Publishers. Jerry was reported saying, "….the photos in the book were found in Zora's study and were the only ones he (Jerry) has knowledge of….."

It is certainly an unusual prototype, using a 1962 rear body and a front portion of a 1963 body. It is blue and was used by Duntov to develop the 1963 Z06 race package.

Above – 1962 – Duntov testing the Z06 prototype at Daytona.

Above – 1962 – At speed at Daytona.

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