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History of Corvette Development

C5 Mules and Prototypes

Above – 3-2-03 – John Cafaro’s Black Car – An early C5 styling buck now at the National Corvette Museum

Above – 3-2-03 – Tom Peter’s Red Car – A competing C5 styling buck also on display the National Corvette Museum

AutoWeek made a bad guess

January, 1995 – The first C5 picture appeared in print (Automotive News)

An “Alpha” C5 prototype at the National Corvette Museum – note the humps over the tail lights

Motor Trend did well speculating in April, 1995…

…except for the Cuisinart wheels!

They were misled by the Alpha prototype and its “humpy” taillight effect

C5 First Production Car Photos

Above – Automotive News – October 28, 1996 – Along with sister Crain Communications publication AutoWeek, AN showed the first public pix of an undisguised C5.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 1997DetriotAutoShow-5457997862_b152d1d233_b.jpg

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 1997DetroitAutoShow-vette.jpg

Above – The C5 Corvette was unveiled on January 6, 1997 at the Detroit International Auto Show.

C5 European Version

A Euro export C5 with the legally required amber turn signal lights incorporated in the outboard tail lights and the wide license plate opening which requires integrating the backup lights in the inner tail lights. Flanking the license plate opening are large, legally required rectangular rear fog lights. The fog lights are constant bright intensity lights that are turned on in foggy conditions.

C5 Alternate Suggestion – Larry Shinoda

Above 3 Pictures 1997-06-01 – Larry Shinoda thought the C-5 was too conservative and didn’t properly pay homage to the past, so he cooked up this version just after the C-5 was announced.

C6 Mules and Prototypes – Corvette and Cadillac

Above – Cadillac Evoq show car 

Above – The production Cadillac XLR uses a version of the Corvette C6 chassis. The $85,000 Neiman Marcus Limited Edition shown above sold out all 99 available units in 14 minutes on October 15, 2002. Production of the XLR is not expected until Spring 2003 as a 2004 model.

Above – Advanced Automotive Technologies adapted a transverse Cadillac Northstar V-8 to a longitudinal mounting and installed it in a Corvette C5. The challenge included supercharging and intercooling the Northstar. This was the first mule for the Cadillac Evoq show car.

Above – Another view of the Northstar C5. Note the tall induction system…..

……which required a hood clearance scoop. (Corvette Forum 10-19-2000)

Above – Rear view of the car with the hood scoop.  XLR prototype – note wheels and exhaust. (Corvette Forum 10-19-2000)

Above 3-19-2001 – A Corvette C5 with Caddy wheels but no hood scoop. Is it an XLR prototype without the tall induction required for a supercharger or is it a Corvette C6?

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