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2021-12-01 – My 1:32 miscellaneous collection


Above – 2009-03-23 – A white Scalextric Mustang dyed over low heat with liquid Rit pink dye.

Above – 2009-03-17 Ninco Lambo noisy gears

Above – 2-12-03 Monogram Daytona Cobra Coupe

Above – 2-12-03 Monogram Daytona Cobra Coupe

Above – Fly Chevron B19 body inside

Above – 2004 – Ever wonder what a $1200.00 slot car looks like. The two pics above show a very limited production Fly Corvette slot car that sold on Ebay for about $1200!! I do not have one.

Above – March 25, 2004 – The ugliest car with which I ever won a race – the Fly Porsche GT1 98 Evo 2 Racing. It won the first time out, box stock except PPR tires, at Summit Raceways in the very competitive Rear Motor Sports and GT class. Then it was banned because it does not have a full interior.

Above – July 8, 2005 – Test and tune box powered by an old Strombecker power pack. Full power shows about 12 volts.

Above – 2006-03-10 – The shaft from Scalextric!

Above – 2007-10-26 – Spa in 1:24th with IMCA GT-1 cars!


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