Corvette History

By: David Palmeter 

1960 Corvette Le Mans #3
Chassis 00867S102538
Page 4

Body color assumed to be 1960 Corvette Ermine White
Blue stripe color probably the same as other Cunningham cars - spec unknown


I have no idea what the bubbles on the quarter windows are. Note there are two on each. Anyone know what they are?

April 10, 2003 - 
...... the little bubbles in the side hardtop glass actually have vent holes in them to help keep fogged windows to a minimum especially in the rain by allowing better ventilation. At 175mph on the Mulsanne straight, it can get very stuffy with the windows closed. So to evacuate the inside air they put a little vented bubble in each side Plexiglas window. It was a WWII trick.
Jim Gessner

August 14, 2002 - Photos of completed restoration - Solid Axle Corvette Club Convention - Salinas, California

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