Corvette C5 Racing History
David Palmeter

C5-R – Chassis C5R-001

This is the first C5-R racing chassis and was used extensively as the original test and promotional car.

Above: C5R-001 was completed on November 1, 1998.

Above  – 1998 – C5R-001 was used for many of the early publicity photos. It never raced as #1 and, to my knowledge, never raced with the headlight covers. 

1999 Racing Season

Above  – 1999-01-31 – The first race for the C5-R, Daytona 24 hour. It had a 366 cubic inch engine.

Above  – 1999-10-10 – The first race for the 427 engine – Laguna Seca. 

C5-R Racing Team 1999 Race Results
Date Venue Duration Series Class Car   Start Finish
31-Jan Daytona, Fl 24hrs USRRC GT2 C5-R 001 2 2
  Daytona, Fl 24hrs USRRC GT2 C5-R 002 4 12
20-Mar Sebring, FL 12 hrs ALMS GTS C5-R 001 1 4
    12 hrs ALMS GTS C5-R 002 2 7*
19-Sep Road Atlanta, GA 100km ALMS GTS C5-R 001 3 5
    100km ALMS GTS C5-R 002 4 4
10-Oct Laguna Seca 2hrs 45min ALMS GTS C5-R 001 3 2
7-Nov Las Vegas 2hrs 45min ALMS GTS C5-R 001 3 3
*Did Not Finish

2000 Testing

Above  – 2000-01 – Sebring test in the patriotic red, white and blue color scheme that I like the best of all of the C5-R paint jobs. Unfortunately, it was never raced in this color.  It was created for the November, 1999 SEMA show. Some of the race team members were less enthused than I and called this student design "The Tennis Shoe". 

2000 Racing Season


Above  – 2000 – Since Millennium Yellow was the hot new color for the millennium year of 2000, someone at GM or Chevrolet or, most likely, an advertising agency, decided that it would be the best marketing color. Why would they want to represent the USA in red, white and blue?

Above  – 2000-02-06 – On the high banks of Daytona for the 24-hour race.

Above  – 2000-02-06 – Right side detail.

Above  – 2000-02-06 – Rear detail.

Above  – 2000-02-06 – Engine detail.

Above  – 2000-02-06 – Heading for a hard fought 2nd in class and 2nd overall!

Above  – 2000-06 – All decked out in Le Mans war paint for the final race for C5R-001. Ironically, it was the C5-R race car's first trip to the Le Mans 24 hour race.

Above  – 2002-12-19 – From Bob Craig: "Corvette C5-R #001 is now in private hands. The Auto Museum of Cincinnati, OH, a private collection,  took delivery at Pratt & Miller this morning, 12/19/02. Feel free to use (the) picture on your website but I would appreciate credit & a link to my site (look there for other pictures of 001) and (coming soon) more from the P&M shop."

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