Corvette C5 Racing History
David Palmeter

C5-R – Chassis C5R-004

This is the second of the “Second Generation” C5-R racing chassis with a 3″ wider suspension and wider, revised body.

C5R-004 Chassis Serial Number Plate

Above – 2001-08-23 – This is the Chassis Serial Number Plate for C5R-004 as photographed at the 2001 Mid-Ohio ALMS race. It was, obviously, in a very vulnerable position. Note the “Manufacture Date” of May 20, 2000.

2000 Racing Season – Testing

2000 Racing Season – Second Half

Above  – 2000-09-30 – C5R-004 on its maiden voyage with the team at the Petit Le Mans in Atlanta.

Above  – 2000-09-30 – At speed with the competition close behind. 

Above  – 2000-09-30 – In a very close race, C5R-004 wins the first time out. 

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