Corvette C5 Racing History
David Palmeter

C5-R - Chassis C5R-009

Above - Elkhart Lake, WI - August 22, 2003. Chassis C5R-009 at Elkhart. Manufacture Date 3-15-03.

2003 Racing Season

Above  - 2003-06-15 - C5R-009 headed for a 3rd place finish at Le Mans.

2004 Racing Season

Above  - 2004-07-18 - C5R-009 at Sears Point with Dale Earnhardt, Jr on board running with Boris Said as the third car on the team.

Above  - 2004-07-18 - A marketing ploy gone horribly wrong. Earnhardt crash in morning warmup.

2005 Retirement

Above  - 2005-08-26 - Photo and Note by AJ Aquilante -  "I have a picture from Corvettes at Carlisle in 2005 of the #009 that was rebuilt. Looks as though both #008 and #009 were sold. The "Racecar Reunion" pamphlet says they were purchased by Robert Patrella."

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