Corvette C5 Racing History
David Palmeter

C5-R – Chassis C5R-010

2003 Racing Season – An Understudy Makes the Limelight

Above – 2003-08-22 – Elkhart Lake, WI – Chassis C5R-010 had been used as a test car but was pressed into service at Elkhart Lake when C5R-008 was damaged too seriously a week earlier at Mosport. C5R-010 had no Chassis Number plate at Elkhart. 

Above – 2003-08-22 – Elkhart Lake, WI – Chassis C5R-010 showing the energy absorbing, driver protection box that was probably first used on C5R-008. 

Above – 2003-10-16 – Atlanta, GA –  I shot this plate at the Petit Le Mans. C5R-008 was wrecked again at Miami and C5R-010 was again pressed into service. Note that, although it has a Chassis Number plate, there is no “Manufacture Date”.

2004 Racing Season – The Understudy Becomes a Le Mans Hero 

Above – 2004-06-07 – Le Mans Team Photo. 

Above – 2004-06-13 – Le Mans Race – front detail of the GT1 winner. 

Above – 2004-06-13 – Le Mans Race – left rear detail. 

2005 Season – In Storage


2006 Racing Season – The First in Europe

Above  – 2006-03-27 –
Luc Alphand Aventures French Team testing C5R-010 at Paul Ricard

Above  – 2006-04-09 – Third in Istanbul in the first Le Mans Series race.

Above  – 2006-06-12 – Le Mans Portrait – left front detail – the 2004 Le Mans GT1 class winner returns as a private entry.

Above  – 2006-06-14 – Le Mans Practice in the rain – rear detail.

Above  – 2006-06-18 – Le Mans Race – right front detail.

Above  – 2006-06-18 – Le Mans Race – left front detail – an incredible 3rd in GT1 class and 7th overall.

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