Cars and Trucks Owned  – Then and Now

Corvette – Ours

Corvette – Racing

Corvette – Timeline


Santa – Yes, He Drives a Corvette!



3D Printing – A new thing, making parts with modern technology

Mag Steer – A new thing, but not active

Model Cars – Kit Building and Diecast Collecting

Radio Controlled Model Cars

Railroad Models


Slot Cars


New England – 2001

California – 2002

Alaska – 2014

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  1. Dave: My name is Roy Ferguson, I worked with Bill Eichorn and Jerry Bentley to get a 1/50 scale license to make I.H. 5600i with Conrad in Germany. Models were update to 7000 series later. We started in 1998 as I remember.
    I was operating a diecast business in Manchester, Iowa at the time, I sold out in 2014.
    Just saying HI.

    • Hey Roy, Good to hear from you. Conrad did some nice models. I am sorry to say that Bill Eichhorn passed away unexpectedly about 6 years ago, it was a real blow to friends and family. I will be with Jerry Betley on August 9th and 10th in Fort Wayne for the First Annual Harvester Homecoming. I am taking over 50 of my model trucks, many of them prototypes never before shown in public. I can send you pictures from the display if you are interested, send me an email at – my first name @ my last name dot com. Are you doing any models now? Thanks for writing. David

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